Pest Management

The Pest Management Program operates entomology and biotechnology laboratories that carry out research on the management of plant pests and diseases in The Gambia. This program cuts-across all other programs within NARI. Notable research-supported accomplishments by the Pest Management Program include:

  • The introduction of bio-extracted insecticides such as garlic and neem to control vegetable pests,
  • The introduction of bottle traps with insects pheromones to control the mango-fruit fly in The Gambia, 
  • The introduction of integrated approach to control and management of striga weeds in maize, millet, sorghum, and rice, and
  • The introduction of biochemical methods and cow dung to control root knot nematodes in tomato plants. 

The Pest Management Program has adopted a policy of an integrated approach in pest and disease management. Therefore research is geared toward promoting an integrated approach in The Gambia.