Seed Technology Unit

The Seed Technology Unit complements the NARI research units when they have identified new, improved, high yielding seed varieties. This unit manages the transition from research findings to adoption by farmers by directing the seed production and multiplication process for new varieties. 
Production of foundation seeds for further multiplication is one activity. The unit also produces registered seeds. The components of the unit are: 

  • Seed production, 
  • Seed processing, 
  • Quality control and testing, and 
  • Training. 

The private sector NGOs, farmers groups, and individual farmers are involved in further production and distribution of certified seeds.
The policy on seed is that farmers should provide their own seed. Each farmer should select and preserve his/her own seed from the previous crop in order to plant the subsequent crop. As most of the major crops are self pollinated, seed purity can be generally maintained for several years. But, sometimes NARI introduces and distributes new varieties or supplements when there aren’t enough.