Scientific Director's Message

Director Message

On behalf of our dedicated staffs, I invite you to learn more about the important research being conducted at the National Agricultural Research Institute of The Gambia. NARI has a fine history of excellence in research that has being extended for the past decades. The Goal of NARI is to achieve greater food security through intensification and diversification of crop, livestock and fish production, to increase income in the rural areas, to enhance the contribution of agriculture to the country’s balance of payments through encouragement of export diversification and facilitation of value added activities after production and to consolidate the natural resource base of agriculture.

 NARI comprises of 12 research programs who conduct applied and adaptive client-oriented research on crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and other natural resources; to provide technological solutions to producers’ problems; and to inform policy-makers on options to increase agricultural productivity and production without detriment to the natural resource base and to the environment.

 Our researchers have commenced to have national and international reputations in their respective fields with other international research institutes. We are looking forward with great enthusiasm to continuing the NARI’s tradition of excellent vision research. 

To fulfill our research goals, the directorate collaborates with national and international organizations. On this occasion I would like to express our willingness to collaborate with any national and international institution who would like to support our research activities. We hope this website introduces you to our research program, some of our publications and recent events. I urge you to contact me or any staff member if you have further questions. 


Lamin M.S Jobe


Scientific Director